Are electric skateboards legal in your country? Check with our list

Are Electric Skateboards Legal? This is a tough one and for quite some time electric skateboards have largely flown under the radar of UK legislation. Another example of the law not keeping up with technology. So are they legal? Here is a brief overview of where the world is at the moment regarding electric skateboards: […]

Massive Eskate groupride at indoor Kart track on the 5th of Februari

Massive Eskate groupride at indoor Kart track on the 5th of Februari Join us on the 5th of February 2019 for a wonderful day of electric skateboarding at van de Ende Racing in The Hague, The Netherlands. Fatdaddy and 50+ eskate riders join on this spectaculair 5-hour event, where we will have an entire indoor Kart track […]

Best electric skateboard for beginners

There are a lot of different electric skateboards. All with their own perks and features. But which electric skateboard is good for any beginner? And why should you buy a beginner board before playing with the big boys? In this blogpost I will tell you about the best beginner-boards and what the features are. Disclaimer: […]

Elwing Boards throws party at the Darwin Hanger Skate Park

Last Tuesday, the first of the “Apéro Skate” evenings was held at Hanger Darwin, where Elwing has it’s headquarters in France. For the occasion, Elwing Boards took up residence in the iconic Skate House. The CEO , Seb Daurel even took turns at the DJ booth. This party was also a sneak preview of the […]