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Boosted Board Mini X


Perfect for shorter commutes, cruising campus, and quick errands, the Boosted Mini is everything you need in a small electric skateboard. The unique Deep Dish concave shape secures your feet in position so you can lean in and push against the deck for superior control and response. The kicktail design lets you make sharp 90 degree turns and pivot for ultimate maneuverability.

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  • Make sure you are always visible with our Skateboard LED Lights. Usually €29,99 and for just €19,99 with a new eboard!

    Ride smoother and ride longer and maintain your electric skateboard with Ionic Flux Bearing Oil

    Hang your skateboard with our electric skateboard hanger

    • 9.99 €

    We give you a great warranty by default but with our Extended Warranty you will get even more! For example you never have to pay for parts during repairs and you will also get a free loaner during the repairs so you can keep on riding!

    • 20 €

  • RangeUp to 7 Miles (S), Up to 14 Miles (22KM) (X)
  • Top SpeedUp to 18 mph (S), Up to 20 mph (X)
  • Hill ClimbingUp to 20% Grade
  • Ride Modes3 Ride Modes for Beginners to Pros
  • Weight15 lbs (S), 16.8 lbs (X)
  • DimensionsMini S: 11.0 in (W), 29.5 in (L), 5.7 in (H), Mini X: 11.0 in (W), 29.5 in (L), 5.7 in (H)
  • Power1,000 Watts
  • BrakesRegenerative Brakes
  • DeckDeep Dish Composite Deck
  • WheelsBoosted Lunar 80mm
  • Trucks190mm CNC Precision Machined
  • AppiOS and Android™
  • RemoteErgonomic Bluetooth® Remote
  • Charge Time1 hr 15 min (S), 1 hr 45 min (X)
Deck material


Motor power



Top speed

5 reviews for Boosted Board Mini X

  1. I love my Boosted board (verified owner)

    There simply isn’t a better way to get around a big city.

  2. Fun & efficient (verified owner)

    As a longboard alone the Boosted v2 Dual+ is very high quality. The board has a reasonable weight, a great…

  3. Love the board! (verified owner)

    Super fast, great quality, nothing else like a Boosted board!!!

  4. Just amazing (verified owner)

    The acceleration is far superior to anything on the market. The look on people’s faces when I go 0-20 is amazing. The speed is great as well. I personally always use pro mode because I get about 5.5-6 miles on that mode and I never go more than 4 miles before I reach my destination and can charge up quickly. Speaking of charging, 30-40 minutes and you’re fully charged—that’s honestly amazing.

  5. This board is absolutely life changing (verified owner)

    I am a teenager, live in a small town, and do not have a car. This board lets me super easily and quickly get to friends’ houses, stores, and anywhere else I need to go. Not only that, but I’m not sweating like I would be if I rode a bike or traditional longboard, which helps a lot. Besides what makes e-boards great, what makes the Boosted board the best board on the market is reliability.

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